Period clothes are awful and I hate wearing them. Corsets and wigs take too long to put on and take off, they’re tight and uncomfortable so you get very short-tempered, and if you’re not careful you start to faint. I can’t wait to get them off. - Maggie Smith

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The first look at Maggie Smith in My Old Lady.

Variety’s Oscar Preview:The dramedy marks playwright-screenwriter Israel Horovitz’s directorial debut. It follows a New Yorker who travels to Paris to sell the apartment he inherited from his father only to discover an old lady (Maggie Smith) living there with her daughter. 

Release date: Sept. 10 (U.K.) (x)

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"I don’t have many heroes and heroines, because I just never did. But Maggie Smith actually for a young actress, seem to me to be … um… everything that I would have wanted to be. She seemed to have it all. She’s the most remarkable high comedy actress, and she also has this tremendously sad face at times." - Penelope Wilton on Maggie Smith

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